SEO methods change every year as search algorithms become more complex. Heading into 2018, certain trends are already coming into focus as Google continues to use RankBrain and strive for total user-friendliness.

How can your site dominate the SERPs when using online SEO software? Include these effective techniques in content creation and SEO software features to more easily rank in organic search!

Understand What RankBrain Wants

RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to understand what users are likely searching for when they type in a search query. The two most important details that it learns from are dwell time and click-through rate.

As RankBrain and AI become more significant in determining pagerank, it is essential to focus on understanding user audiences. This can be accomplished by using SEO software to help you improve organic search results by publishing quality content that provides value.

The easier your site is for an audience to find and the longer they stay on the site, the more consideration it will get.

Aim for Google’s Advanced Search Features

The SERPs include more than a list of links. Google’s featured snippets, answer boxes, and knowledge graphs are shown above the list of SERPs as having been deemed appropriate. They are populated with content derived from what it feels are the most valuable websites.

You must optimize content to capture these spaces. This can be done by including Q&A formats, lists, graphs, and tables in content and using structured data as well.

Optimize for Voice and Mobile-First

Two essential things that must be included in your SEO efforts are mobile-first indexing and voice search. Any website must be mobile-friendly since Google now gives priority to mobile-ready sites in the SERPs.

In recognition of the growing use of voice search, the algorithm also prefers content distributed with online SEO software that answers conversational user queries.

Implement AMPs

In addition to favoring mobile-ready sites with voice-optimized content, Google is also looking for pages with faster load times. AMP versions of regular mobile-ready pages increase your chances of appearing in the SERPs. Although AMPs are not ranking factors on their own, they do drive traffic which is a ranking factor.

Use Structured Data

Structured data ensures that the content you prepare and distribute with SEO software is more interpretable by Google’s search algorithms. Standardizing certain elements on your pages by using formats already recognized by the algorithm improves optimization.

Invest in Great Content

Quality content that offers value to readers is still a prime focus for ranking in the SERPs. Content should be optimized for voice search and to attract various advanced search locations in the SERPs, while being engaging and correct as well.

The inclusion of optimized visual content like videos, infographics, and high-quality, relevant images make your content more interesting, valuable, and easier for the algorithm to interpret.

To Dominate SEO Ranking

Beyond the standard basics of SEO, the techniques discussed above are the more important ones that should be implemented on your website to please today’s search algorithm and earn the highest pagerank in 2018.

Online SEO software such as SiteSuperCharger can play an important role in the creation of optimized pages that can be found by users and search engines alike. Use SEO software to its greatest advantage and dominate the SERPs!

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