With Google search focusing even more on user-friendliness in a tech world that continues to change, achieving great SEO results in 2018 is becoming more challenging.

Fortunately, the more recent and significant changes focus mainly on 5 basic things that are easy to manage with effective SEO software. Keep these ideas in mind when planning your marketing campaigns and integrating online SEO software to keep up with Google and SEO.

1. Prioritize Mobile and Voice Search

At this point, there should be no question that Google is moving quickly toward total mobile-first indexing and search. It is also making strides with voice search through the use of AI and machine learning.

Combined, optimizing for mobile and voice should be the main priority when optimizing for search with SEO software

Websites must be mobile-friendly in order to get first priority from the algorithm. Content must be developed to facilitate voice search. Websites that have both qualities get top consideration.

2. Use Effective Link Building

Link building is still an important part of generating SEO. External links from other high authority websites carry some of that authority to your website.

This type of validation is essential to help a website gain increased credibility among users and greater attention from the search engines.

Internal link building aids in transferring that authority to other pages throughout the website. Never underestimate the value of effective link building to generate positive SEO results.

3. Boost Click-Through Rates

Dominating Google's AI, machine learning algorithm means improving the click-through rate. Because RankBrain interprets search results based on click-through rates and relevance to search queries, getting more people to click on your links is essential. 

Write compelling page meta titles and descriptions in your online SEO software that focus on primary keywords to help users understand the page's intent.

Action words such as “today,” “simple,” and “right now” in the meta description may also help attract clicks. The goal is to create quality content that answers user questions and presents it in the SERPs in an explanatory way.

The more clicks your pages get, the more important and relevant RankBrain will find them to be.

4. Keep Viewers on the Page Longer

Another important ranking signal is time spend on page. Google wants to see users clicking in and staying for a while. To keep visitors interested, create relevant, high-quality content.

Offer a variety of content such as images, infographics, video, and audio. Use semantics or LSI so it reads naturally and gets needed attention from the search algorithm.

Lengthier content that keeps users on the page longer can also increase the amount of time viewers spend on your pages and blogs.

How To Improve SEO Results

If you can take command of these main concepts when creating online content and managing marketing campaigns with SEO  software, you should be able to keep up with Google in 2018.

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