Growing your audience with good social media integration is one of the most important marketing strategies your business can use. Yet it may not be as easy as you think these days.

Social media has become a huge playing field for businesses that must now "pay to play."

Is this where you really want to put your marketing budget? If you truly want to increase your audience with all that content you post using social media automation, the answer is - probably.

Social Media Integration Then and Now

Back in the dawn of social media for businesses, it was much easier to gain followers and build audiences than it is now.

The pioneers who took advantage of social media integration definitely had it easier. As more people and businesses have begun to use it, it’s become a crowded house.

There is a wealth of users to target, yet the competition is fierce. Add to that the ways that platforms now make it difficult for businesses to get noticed and that leaves you with basically one option - pay.

Why Should You Pay for Attention on Social Media?

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to name the most popular ones are constantly changing their algorithm and what users see on their timelines.

As a result, posts made by business accounts are taking a back seat to friends, family, and other pages that users interact with.

Because these network sites have also determined that businesses will pay to show up in their target audience’s feed, they’ve made it harder for your business to get noticed organically.

Once your competition is paying, that leaves you having to pay as well or get lost at the bottom of the feed.

Fortunately, the benefits of paying to grow your social media audience far outweigh the relatively low cost of paying to do so.

It’s reasonably affordable for most businesses, helps posts made with social media automation software get instant attention, and grows audiences quickly.

You’ll see more engagement from your most interested audience, better SEO for search, and ultimately more sales.

Two Ways to Pay for Better Social Media Interaction

These days, there are two ways you can pay to improve your social media integration so your target audience actually sees your posts.

One way is to pay for advertising that is shown to the filtered audience of your choosing. Your business will be visible on the timeline of followers and those not yet following.

This is great for increasing followers and shares, boosting the performance of display ads, and improving your advertising ROI.

The other way you can pay on most of these sites is to boost a post, such as those you publish using social media automation. If there is an important post you want your followers to see, it can be shown to more of those users for a small fee.

Otherwise, your post will filter to the bottom of your follower’s feed where they most likely will not see it.

In Sum

Anyone developing a social media integration plan for their online marketing needs to seriously consider paying for advertising and boosting their posts to get maximum benefit from their campaign.

Social networks are a gold mine of followers and potential sales, but only when the right people see your posts. Cut costs by using social media automation software like SiteSuperCharger and sure you pay to play on a level field with your competitors!

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