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As the demand for more relevant content continues to increase, curation has become a useful technique in content marketing. Yet curation alone cannot efficiently solve the dilemma marketers face when keeping multiple websites, social profiles, and other platforms active. Content marketing automation software with curating features can make curating easier and more effective. With content marketing automation, agencies can manage both original and curated information collectively for the greatest advantage.

Curating Content Takes Time

Although the main purpose of curating articles, videos, and other relevant information is to make the content marketing process easier, it does still require a considerable time investment. Curated pieces can be delivered as necessary by using content marketing automation tools; however, first they have to be collected.

Marketers must develop a process to search for the appropriate content to curate and then consistently set aside time each week to actually do this.

Curation Automation Saves Time

Fortunately, this process can be improved by using content marketing automation software with curating capabilities. Marketers can then set their specifications within the tool and allow it to search for suitable pieces to curate, then deliver the results through various connected channels.

Beside setting search parameters, all that is usually necessary is to look through results lists to choose which pieces to use.

Benefits of Content Curation Using Automation

Curating data using content marketing automation applications provides marketers the ability to better achieve their content generation and distribution goals:

  • Time Savings - The biggest advantage of using content marketing automation software when searching for the right pieces to curate is the amount of time it saves. After setting search parameters and filters within the program, it searches the Internet and generates a list of links that meet established criteria. Suitable pieces can then be quickly chosen from the results.  
  • Consistent Process - Consistency in both the amount and type of information delivered to various platforms is easily upheld when content marketing professionals have numerous pieces to choose from. Sticking to a publishing schedule with a balance of original and curated pieces is easier.   
  • SEO Benefits - Consistency in distribution and access to relevant information to curate help attract audiences that will find such information useful. When distributed via social channels, email, and other ways, high-quality curated pieces are more shareable, improving brand awareness and authenticity. All this serves to achieve the main goal of content marketing, which is to indirectly gain pagerank, conversions, and sales by giving followers the valuable information they seek.

There is no question that staying relevant today requires standing out in the never-ending sea of information flooding the internet. An easy way to do this is through content marketing automation and curation. By combining these two ideas, marketers will have greater success curating the best pieces using content marketing automation software like SiteSuperCharger. The right automation tools can make content marketing more successful by helping marketers better balance their time and resources!

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