Content marketing has become one of the most important strategies in online marketing today. How can  you increase your brand's awareness to get leads and conversion? Focusing on your articles and other content as well as working hard to be seen is a recognized effective method. Yet this approach does take a good amount of work, at least to do it properly.

This is why it is important to understand that content marketing is much more than just article posting and requires more than just one person to do it. Even when using automated article posting, marketing teams must understand the various jobs involved in effective content marketing and assign a group to handle all of them.

Content Planning

The first part of content marketing is coming up with a plan of what type of content needs to be created, how it should be done, and by whom. Content is more than just a few articles posted to a blog. Content is images, infographics, videos, live feeds, giveaway content, offers, surveys, and so on. It is whatever your company needs to spread its message, capture and engage audiences, and keep people coming back.

Planning must also go beyond production schedules to consider life events and schedules, effective article posting and content delivery, and representing your brand in the best possible way. As such, before content creation or integration can occur, someone needs to first create a content plan.

Content Creation

Once a content plan exists, the next job is to create the content. As simple as this may sound, anyone who has ever done content creation, especially for automated article posting, can tell you that it is frequently the most detailed and time-consuming part of the process.

The process is ongoing in order to keep up with the need to have content for posting to various blog and social media sites. Your content creation person or team may even be a part of the planning team; however, creation is still its own separate process that requires the full attention of those doing it.

Integration Into the Marketing Plan

After content is created, it must be fully integrated into the marketing plan. Articles and other content by themselves are worthless to the plan unless all marketing team members use and upload them to various sites.

From sales and production people to social media specialists and content planners, all involved people must be kept in the content finalization loop so they can make use of the content in the most thorough and effective ways. Through proper integration, the results of all the planning and production will reach your audiences quickly and effectively, building brand awareness and doing its part to increase conversions.

The important thing to understand with content marketing of articles and other information is that it is an involved process that requires multiple people working collectively to do it properly. Without the right content plan and the ability to execute the plan through production and integration, marketing efforts may not accomplish campaign goals.

Before content and article posting can happen, three separate teams must determine the requirements for accomplishing content-related marketing goals. Only then can automated article posting and other methods of circulating information be fully utilized!

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