Social media integration is an essential part of effective online marketing these days. As important as marketing using social media automation is for your website and business, it’s critical that you know whether your strategy is securing the results you expected.

Determine if your plan is working for you or if you need to make some adjustments to your strategy by measuring your campaigns and calculating the effect they are having.

Measure the Results of Your Social Media Campaigns

The first step in figuring out whether you’ve developed a good social media integration strategy is to measure the results you’re getting from it.

To do so, you must measure ongoing analytics or the continuous monitoring that measures results over time as well as campaign-focused analytics of campaigns with a start and stop date.

Start out by identifying the goals you have set for your social media automation campaign, then choose specific metrics that can track things like traffic, engagement, awareness, followers/fans, and other relevant ideas.

Measure these details using analytics tracking tools and monitor your measurements over time.

Calculate Your Social Media Integration ROI

Once you have some reports to work with, determine the ROI you are getting from your social media marketing campaign.

Assign dollar amounts to the key performance indicators (KPIs) you decide to track in order to calculate what kind of return you are getting from them.

With assigned values, you can easily determine whether you are getting sufficient ROI based on your costs and different statistics like traffic generated, conversions, interactions, new followers, and more.

Use demographics and other audience information to weigh important metrics on different social sites and calculate ROI for each of them based on the cost of your campaign and overall investment in your social media strategy.

Evaluate If You're Meeting Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Once you have some numbers to review, it’s time to analyze whether your social media integration campaign is getting the results you need or if your strategy needs some adjustment.

If you are not getting the ROI you expect or need in certain metrics, knowing so gives you the opportunity to review what you are doing and put more focus on improving it.

For example, if your goal is to increase Facebook followers or generate more website traffic that originates from your social media posts, you can track this and then find ways to focus on increasing your result if your ROI suggests you’re spending more than you’re making.

As it is with all other marketing campaigns, getting the most from your social media integration depends on developing a good marketing strategy. You will only know whether your strategy is working for you if you measure your results and determine your ROI.

Fortunately, implementing a good social media automation application like SiteSuperCharger can help you keep expenses down by streamlining your social media posting process. You will see a higher ROI by keeping the operating costs of your campaign lower!

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