Even though you may not see its purpose, blog posting is something you should be doing to help your business succeed. Why? Because blogs help your business get noticed in some important ways.

Whether you post manually or use blog automation to schedule your posts, you need to understand why blogging is so important to your business - and then get writing!

1. Connect With and Grow Your Audience

Blog posting gives you an important way to connect with your audience. You can hold the interest of current and previous customers plus attract the attention of potential customers.

Blogs that deliver high quality, useful information that solves your audiences problems help you build relationships with your audience and promote engagement on social media.

2. Build Brand Recognition and Authority

The more your audience sees your business name, the faster they will begin to recognize it. If you continuously offer readers quality content that helps them, readers will seek it out.

In this way, your name becomes associated with great information, making you a source of reputable information and an authority in your field.

Blog automation can help you keep publishing great content on a pre-planned schedule so you can keep sharing great content with your audience.

3. Link Building

Link building is an optimization technique that can help your blog gain more attention from Google’s search algorithm.

It serves multiple purposes, from aiding web crawling and helping your readers navigate your site to building brand authority by associating with other high quality websites.

It can also help you increase your audience through greater exposure of your content. Incoming, internal, and outgoing links all improve the power of blog posting when you link to the right pages and websites.

4. Improve SEO and Pagerank

Link building is just one of many SEO techniques that can help blogs get pagerank. When you continuously post content that your readers find valuable and use on-page optimization methods, the search algorithm takes notice.

So posting to a blog gives your readers more content and gives you an important means of getting your business name and your optimized content passing in front of the indexers more often.

When your blog posts start showing up at the top of the SERPs, your blog and website get more traffic, which can mean more sales.

5. Your Competitors Are Doing It

Making it to the top of the SERPs is an ongoing race between you and your competitors. Most businesses now are publishing content using blog automation applications because they and their marketing specialists understand the value in blogging.

To keep up and stay competitive, you should be blogging to provide your audience with something new, different, and better than the content they can get elsewhere. This great, valuable content is your main tool for getting great pagerank and showing up above your competitors in search results.

Before you assume blog posting is just something that people do for fun and you don’t need a business blog, think again. Business blogs are actually important online marketing tools above anything else and a key part of every marketing campaign.

If you keep publishing great content using blog automation software like SiteSuperCharger, you’ll see better results from your marketing efforts - and more customers!

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