6 Reasons Social Media Marketing Is What Your Company Needs!

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Having started out as platforms for friends and family to keep in touch, social networks have become instrumental to online business success. Your business needs social media for more reasons than you may think. It should be considered an integral part of overall marketing efforts.

Fortunately, it is [...]

Why Do I Need To Know SEO For Voice Search?

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One of the most important factors in effective vocal search is optimizing specifically for verbal inquiries. This means utilizing slightly different concepts than standard optimization.

Having a clear understanding of voice search is especially important when using SEO software to automate the entire marketing process.

Online SEO software that [...]

SEO For 2018 – 3 Primary Focus Points!

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The SEO world is always moving and changing, trying to keep up with search algorithm development. Whether you work with SEO automation by using online SEO software or do things on your own, staying on top of the trends is essential.

In 2018, marketing experts are seeing three [...]

SEM and SEO – Is There Any Difference?

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Search engine optimization has been around since the beginning of online marketing. Every marketer knows about SEO and how to achieve excellent optimization using SEO software and other marketing methods.

You may not realize that SEO is actually part of search engine marketing or SEM. This category encompasses website optimization and SEO [...]

Landing Pages – Which Types Work Best?

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landing pages


Most people know that landing pages are a critical part of any online marketing campaign. What you may not know are the 5 various landing page types, each one designed to work in a different way.

Before you start landing page creation, think about your end goals. When [...]

Landing Pages – How Do I Make Them Most Usable?

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landing pages


Effective landing pages serve only one purpose; they generate lead or sales conversions. They all work in basically the same way. As easy as landing page creation may seem, it does require careful designing to be effective.

Before you start churning out hundreds of pages with a landing page [...]

Landing Pages – How Do They Differ From Your Home Page?

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landing pages


A common marketing question many website owners ask is the difference between landing pages generated using landing page automation tools and the home page? Although each offers a way for audiences to contact your business website, the differences are many.

To achieve the best results from landing page creation, [...]

How To Find Content Marketing Success – Using Social Media!

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One of the goals in content marketing that can help bring about success with your campaign is making sure that content is seen by as many interested viewers as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by publishing to social media accounts using content marketing [...]

How To Find Content Marketing Success – Adding SEO!

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content marketing


Content marketing and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even though both include some of the same concepts, success still requires paying careful attention to SEO practices. Content marketing automation is always helpful for keeping processes efficient; however, without the proper optimization, marketing campaigns will [...]

How To Find Content Marketing Success – Writing and Editing!

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A successful content marketing campaign should have great content that audiences want to access. Since much of the subject matter delivered using content marketing automation software is written, it is essential to write about interesting and relevant topics and present them in the best ways.

When you [...]