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A common question that marketers ask is whether there is a difference between articles and blog posts. Although both of these content types do basically the same thing where optimization is concerned, because of their differences they may require different treatment. Before assuming article posting and blog posting is one in the same, marketers should understand how they differ and why it matters.

What Are Articles?

Generally speaking, article content is designed to deliver detailed and in-depth information to the reader. Articles are generally more technical, catered toward educating the reader on a specific topic by providing more researched information than blog posts typically do. Articles are usually longer as well, at a minimum of about 1,000 words, some even longer than that.

In delivering this more technical and detailed information, article posting is can be designated for a different audience than a blog post. The information is typically not intended for quick scanning; it is intended for slow, thorough reading, catering to the more specific needs of certain readers that require more information.

What Are Blog Posts?

Blog posting is usually designed to be more casual, more easily written and read about a basic concept. While this type of content also delivers information to the reader, it is done in a less detailed fashion, providing only basic concepts and points. Blogs provide generalized information in a shorter format, usually around 500 words per post. They are easy to scan through and read in a few minutes, as opposed to the way more detailed and lengthy pieces require more attention.

Some blog entries are written in the first person as well, while more technical writings are generally in the third person. Posting to a blog has become a great way for many companies to keep continuous, relevant content appearing on their websites and social media sites, as this simpler content is widely accepted and generates great website traffic.

Marketing Considerations When Deciding Between the Two

The two main differences between articles and blogs are their length and the details with which information is presented in each. To appropriately use either, marketers need to first determine their audiences and how they most likely want information presented to them. Some users want more technical and detailed pieces to examine, while others want something to read quickly and easily to understand the main message. For marketers to get the best results with each type of posting, they need to use them in the right way. Whether posting to a blog, or posting lengthier, more in-depth writings, increased traffic and better SEO comes from using the right type of content in the right posting environment.

Continuously posting quality, relevant content is essential to promote brand exposure and increase website optimization. On the same hand, marketers need to understand the differences between blog posting and article posting to use these different types of content most effectively. Whether posting blogs or articles, each type of content is presented in a different way and should be marketed appropriately to target audiences!

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