As the use of cloud-based services has exploded, many questions about cloud security have arisen.

Anyone working with cloud applications like a cloud based SEO portal must take data security seriously and understand the challenges of maintaining a secure cloud server.

Fortunately, using good management and sound decision-making, it’s possible to reduce the security risks associated with cloud computing and continue to use this efficient, reliable resource.

Security in the Cloud - A Growing Concern

Online data security has become a prime focus over the last few years as security threats have increased and become more complex.

One area that has attracted a lot of attention with regard to maintaining security and preventing data breaches is cloud computing. Because breaches have happened in the past, many are left with the idea that the cloud is unsafe.

This is partly due to the fact that the concept of computing in a virtual environment is less tangible than doing so using physical networks.

Cloud Security No Different Than Any Other IT Security

While every user of a cloud-based SEO portal or any other cloud service should be concerned with security, it’s important to understand that it is no different than IT security that applies out of the cloud.

Breaches have happened in the past to cloud-based and non-cloud networks simply due to poor security measures.

The cloud is just another type of network that can be accessed legally or illegally the same as other networks, hardware, applications, and devices. In all of these instances, restricting access is the main method of upholding network security.

Keep The Cloud Secure Through Access Management

The basis of all IT security, whether cloud-based or not, is controlling access to servers, networks, and applications.

Since the cloud environment is completely controlled with software, permitting and restricting access is any user’s best means of preventing data breaches.

Clouds should be protected using the same malware detection and prevention methods as every other network.

Applications such as a cloud based SEO portal must be protected by strong passwords, encryption, limited access parameters, and other ways to keep unintended users out.

Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds

In terms of IT security, different types of clouds all pose different challenges. Private clouds are the most secure; however, access is completely restricted only to those with full access.

Public clouds are the most useful and great for allowing many to access a wide variety of applications and services. They are also the hardest to control access to.

Many companies are choosing hybrid clouds now as they provide the greatest level of security.

Areas requiring the most security can be protected in access-restricted, secure parts of the cloud while the applications themselves can be accessed on the public portion of the cloud.

Although a hybrid cloud setup may seem more expensive initially, it can be a worthwhile investment in risk mitigation.

Anyone using cloud services, whether for storage, network services, or to access subscription-based applications such as a cloud based SEO portal like SiteSuperCharger, must treat cloud security just like any other aspect of IT security.

To Summarize

Working with the right provider who uses the required methods and levels of protection is essential. In addition, users can reduce the risk of malware, breaches, and other threats by working with hybrid clouds that permit the highest levels of access control!

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