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The right domains can be very important to the success of private blog networks. In an era where it seems that all the good domains for a name or topic have already been taken, purchasing expired domains can be an effective solution. Quality expired domains also offer a boost for PBN automation, particularly when using PBN automation software. Creating blog networks by using older domains often helps these networks see results more quickly.

Why Buy Expired Domains?

The fact is, Google prefers older domains to brand new ones when it comes to awarding page rank. Older domains are viewed as being more trustworthy because they have been in existence for a longer period of time. Some older domains that at one time had excellent page rank can even retain such ranking when purchased and reused. The importance is in knowing which older domains are worth the investment and which are not. With the right domain, even networks containing blogs managed with PBN automation software can benefit.

What Constitutes a Good Domain Worth Buying?

Domains do not have to be decades old to be worth the investment. Even a domain that is a few years old can be a worthwhile purchase if it had great rank before the site went offline. The problem is that while these domains may still exist, Google has recently removed the page rank measure on expired domains. Therefore, judging an expired domain’s potential value and its effectiveness in aiding sites managed through PBN automation must be done using other methods, such as:

  • Look for Domain and Page Authority - Domain authority and page authority are both measurements of how a domain is likely to perform in the SERPs. By using a number of available metric tools, it is possible to estimate whether a specific domain is likely to resume its previous performance based on a variety of specifications.
  • Evaluate Backlink Data - Backlinks provide important website authority, but only if these links still exist. On an expired domain, many of the backlinks are likely dead; however, some may still be intact. Evaluate and determine what these backlinks are and if they are still of any value.
  • Identify Domain Industry Sector - Domains that have ranked in one industry sector will be of little use in another one. Be sure to identify what sector a domain has ranked in and determine whether it is the same, or similar enough to what it will be used for to keep things relevant.
  • Evaluate Ranking Keywords - Along with the industry sector, also evaluate the keywords the domain has ranked well for when determining whether the domain will be of any help in ranking current content.
  • Check Alexa Rank - Alexa is a metric that retains information on every website in the world and its ranking. Check the highest rank the domain has recorded and its current rank. Alexa also offers information such as country-specific ranking as well as related websites and their rank.
  • Look for De-Indexing Penalties - Always check for de-indexing penalties and other penalties assigned by Google, even on domains with a high rank. Evidence of black hat SEO should be apparent by viewing assigned penalties. Naturally, these domains should be avoided. Other penalties may be reversible depending on the reason for them.

Expired domains can be a boost when building an effective blog network using PBN automation. Still, choosing the right domains requires a bit of research. It is essential to understand the reasons why specific domains rank in the first place and how these reasons correspond with current needs. By choosing the right expired domain, then integrating blog content to support these reasons, blogs skillfully managed with PBN automation software can start to rank quickly, expediting the building of a successful PBN!

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