Automation is becoming a prevalent technology as the world becomes more reliant on IT.

Cloud automation is the next step in the game, giving companies important resources to reduce workloads by making some processes automatic.

This can be on the grander scale when programming certain cloud organizational and management functions; or, on a smaller scale, such as an automated SEO portal.

From the standpoint of online marketing and SEO, a cloud based SEO portal that can perform repetitive or scheduled functions is automatically an important tool.

What Is Cloud Automation?

Cloud automation is essentially a term used to describe a set of tools and processes designed to streamline manual cloud functions.

It includes managing computing workloads, a time-consuming task of sizing and configuring virtual machines, clusters, storage, and performance.

It also includes managing cloud functions on a more superficial level, such as automating a cloud-based SEO portal application.

In either case, processes are put in place to automatically handle certain tasks and reduce the manual workload. As such, automation is essentially the basis of what makes cloud computing so convenient and easy to work with today.

How Can Cloud Automation Benefit Different Users?

Cloud automation is important to two main types of users: IT managers and application end users:

  • IT Managers - A common use for cloud automation is establishing and managing an IT infrastructure without as much manual work. Using this technology, IT personnel can add, remove, and maintain cloud resources more easily and deploy more resources whenever and wherever they are needed. This type of automation creates a responsive, scalable cloud that improves productivity due to reduced structuring and allocation problems.
  • Application End Users - App developers benefit greatly from cloud automation, as do users of software such as an automated SEO portal. These applications are developed and hosted in the cloud; they function seamlessly to allow end users to streamline their marketing workloads. Tasks like blog posting, social media sharing, analytics, and more can be fully automated for easy deployment. Automation also makes it easier for marketing teams to work collectively on the same project by gaining real time access through a cloud based SEO portal.

For marketers looking to streamline their content planning, creation, and distribution process, automation is an essential tool. An automated SEO portal that offers a collaborative work environment as well as many automated functions gives you a great way to be more productive and generate better campaign results.

The Take Away

Using a cloud based SEO portal like SiteSuperCharger, entire teams can improve their overall workflow by taking advantage of cloud automation benefits.

Whether managing one account or many, SiteSuperCharger is the best tool for marketers trying to balance the process from start to finish in the most time-effective way!

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