If you’re starting a business blog, you have many choices of which platform to use. WordPress is one of the favored content management systems used for business blogs today for many great reasons.

From how easy it is to set up and use to post articles to the way it can be integrated with blog automation software, check out these great reasons why you should consider WordPress when starting your business blog.

1. Free Open-Source Software

Unlike many other content management systems, WordPress is completely free to use. You can download it and get free updates for as long as you want to use it. It’s open-source software for blogs and websites that is continuously being upgraded and can be modified if needed.

You can make a site with your own domain name, host it where desired, customize the way you want, and access all of the great features that have made WordPress the most popular CMS used globally.

2. Adaptable for Any Type of Website or Blog

WordPress is highly customizable by website designers. You can build any type of website or blog for posting articles, images, videos, and just about any type of content you want.

This amount of versatility means you can make your blog look exactly how you’d like with the functionality you and your readers need for easy viewing and sharing of your content.

It can also be used for complete websites, retail websites, wiki sites, Q&A sites, galleries, and many other types of websites.

3. Easy to Use

Of all the CMS available today, WordPress is one of the easiest to use for designers and anyone posting to their blog. Although there is a lot to learn about getting full use the software, it’s easy enough to start posting content to a WordPress blog and then start distributing it using blog automation applications.

4. Countless Themes and Plugins Available for Customization

One of the best things about WordPress is the huge number of themes and plugins available to use with it, both free and paid. Plugins give you additional, essential functionality so your blog will do everything you need.

Premium, customizable themes developed by professional web designers ensure your blog looks up-to-date and performs the way it should.

5. Huge Support Community

WordPress is used by millions of people worldwide. As such, there is a huge community of users, designers, and developers to learn from and discuss the best ways to use the platform for blogs and other sites.

There are countless tutorials available online, multiple discussion forums, and many other free resources for anyone looking to use WordPress for posting articles, building a complete website, or anything else.

6. Designed to Make SEO Easy

Another great feature of WordPress is that it has built-in optimization to help with your SEO.

It creates automatic title tags and meta descriptions for your pages and integrates with a variety of SEO tools designed to simplify and perfect onsite SEO in WordPress.

You still have complete control over your blog and can custom optimize the way you want as well.

7. Integrates Well with Marketing and Automation Tools

Since it’s designed to make publishing content to the web fast, easy, and uncomplicated, WordPress also integrates seamlessly with blog automation tools like SiteSuperCharger and many analytics tools.

You can load in your content ahead of time, then schedule it to publish when and where you want. Keeping fresh, updated content flowing to your readers has never been easier.

In Conclusion

WordPress is one of the world’s easiest, most customizable, and powerful tools available for publishing blogs and websites of all types.

When you need a blog for posting articles, help your SEO, make great use of your social media accounts, and help you grow your followers and customer base, WordPress is the best CMS to work with. When WordPress is paired with blog automation software like SiteSuperCharger, it gives you a marketing tool that will benefit your company in many ways!

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